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In The Kitchen

Cindy Jones Lantier body butter cold process handmade

I've been busy in the soap kitchen! Which, I’m sad to say is my actual kitchen. I'd love to have a dedicated soap studio. Hopefully within the next year.  

But, I digress …  

KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer

TES got an early Christmas present. Bed Bath and Beyond had some of their KitchenAid stand mixers on clearance, so I bought one. I've wanted one for ages, but the professional series carries with it a hefty price tag. So, I've been making do with a $40 Sunbeam stand mixer. It's not a bad little piece of equipment, but the bowl is kind of small and its power is limited. After all, it's meant for regular kitchen use.  

Handmade  Body Butter

The first thing I whipped up with the new mixer was a batch of body butter. I wasn't sure about the capacity of the bowl, so I made a small, 32-ounce, batch. The mixer handled it easily. In fact, I can double the recipe. Actually, I think I could make an 80-ounce batch. I'll try a double batch next time and see how the mixer handles it. 

Body Butter from the top

The body butter is so creamy and luxurious. I'm totally in love with it. It's smoother and fluffier than the body butter I made in the old Sunbeam stand mixer. I can't wait to share it in the shop! The jars still need to be labeled and shrink wrapped before I can list them. Hopefully, I'll have them up within a week.  

Handmade Cold Process Soap

Last week, I made a small batch of soap with a new formulation. Again, I am sooo in love with I!. It lathers so well, and it leaves my hands feeling good. Not at all tight and no residue. I'm going to try it on my face and see how it performs. Next week I'll make a lather video to share the experience with you. Cold process soap needs to cure for four to six weeks (sometimes longer) before it gets packaged, so won't be in the shop for a while.  

As you probably know, TES isn't a typical soap company. Yes, we make soap (I love making soap!), but I also make a lot of other products. Our tag line is "little luxuries for the discerning spirit." Not a word about soap … I'll be introducing handbound, hardcover journals later this spring. The signatures will be hand sewn, and the covers will be hand printed. I'm really excited about this addition to The Eclectic Soul.  

What kinds of products would you like to see in the shop? Leave a comment below and let me know. I'm looking for some inspiration! 

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  • Semone Seavers on

    Cindy, this Body Butter looks amazing!!!! Love the mission behind your business for self care for women! So needed! Blessings!!

  • Rachél Payne on

    The body butter looks luscious! I am excited to hear you will offer your journals. I adore the work of art I have of yours. It is a treasure.

  • Maureen on

    Using that new mixer is going to be so helpful!!
    That body butter looks amazing.

  • Deanna Leigh Joseph on

    Ooooh!!! Exciting!

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