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My Word of the Year

Cindy Jones Lantier

I love beginnings, especially the beginning of a new year. They are full of uncertainty (the good kind!), fresh dreams, and hopeful longing. 

They can also be full of questions—and the other kind of uncertainty.  Full of angst, performance anxiety, and unattended goals.

For most of my life, the New Year started full of hope and promise, and ended up in a hot mess! I’d want to set myself up to have the perfect year, but somewhere along the way life showed up and I’d lose sight of where I’d wanted to go, just a few short months before.

One the things I’ve done for the past several years to help keep my year on the right track is to choose a word, or theme, for the year.  I don’t know where this idea started, but I first heard of it from Christine Kane, sometime around 2009.  The idea is that you choose a word whose energy speaks to your desires for the coming year, and you use that word as a touchstone, a guidepost, a roadmap.

I’ve been better at this some years than others, of course. Last year was one of my better years, in part because I started the year by creating art that highlighted my word (DEVOTION) and I hung it on the wall across from desk so that every time I look up, there it is, looking back at me, reminding me of its promises – and my hopes. 

2017 was a year of devotion for me. I became a better wife, I think, and John and I are closer than ever.  I also became a “better" spiritual devotee and I was more devoted to The Eclectic Soul than I had been in 2016.  In short, my word served me well. Or did I serve it? Either way, 2017 was a great year, and I certainly grew in several facets of devotion.

My word for 2018 is FORWARD. I really hope to move my life and TES into new territory this year. 2017 was a quiet year in many ways, although there were a few shakeups that made me pause and reflect.

I think 2018 will be a more outwardly focused year, more action-oriented. Today, I feel ready to take on the world!

I went to a Word of the Year workshop Saturday led by a friend of mine, Lynn Richards, and Sue Robson, of heART Coaching. Just my kind of thing! There was a bit of coaching about finding one’s word and then using it throughout the year. But the best part was the art! I haven’t had painty-paws since last year’s workshop. I met two friends there. We had a great time making art together, and then we had lunch. It was a great way to feed my soul. If you live in the Inland Empire (Southern California), check out the workshops. There are still a few spaces left!

Painting of my word of the year -- FORWARD.

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