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Cindy Jones Lantier bath bomb bath fizzie body cream cold process eye pillow handmade lotion

I've not been feeling well this past week. In fact, I'm having surgery for Cervical Stenosis on Tuesday, 31 January. Quite frankly, the pain is on the verge of being a bit too much for me. It's difficult for me to function with the accompanying pain and numbness, and if I take something that alleviates it, it becomes difficult for me to function because of the strong medication.  

All of that is to say that I don't have any new product pics to share with you.  

I do, however, have pics of previous products to share. While none of these products are currently available in the shop, some of the none-soap products will be soon! 

Temeraire handmade cold process soap

This soap, named Temerarie (after my favorite dragon) was an instant hit; it sold out in about a week.  This is the top of the loaf, after it was freshly poured. There's a smidge of skin-safe, cosmetic grade glitter. Although the glitter washes off with the first couple of uses, it's a fun touch.  

Temerarie is full of skin-loving ingredients: Argan Oil, Cocoa Butter, Hemp Oil, as well as Tussah Silk and Organic Heavy Whipping Cream. Yummy for the skin! 

This red and white swirled soap smells like the exotic dragonfruit and casaba melon, blended with notes of crisp pear and apple blossoms. I'll definitely be restocking this one! 

Bath Fizzies aka Bath Bombs

These bath fizzies (aka bath bombs) turned out perfectly! Drop a fizzie in a tub full of warm water and watch the magic happen! As the fizzie interacts with the water, it foams and dissolves, filling the water with subtle color, skin-loving ingredients, and wonderful fragrance. These bath fizzies smell like citrus, pineapple, and champagne. It's an energizing and invigorating fragrance.  

Again, I'll definitely be restocking them.  

Cozy Flannels for Lavender Chamomile Eye Pillows

This stack of cozy flannels will become lavender-chamomile eye pillows. Because of the herbs I've chosen, these eye pillows encourage and support rest and relaxation. The fragrance is definitely soothing! 

At the bottom of the pile are several yards of unbleached muslin. That is what the actual pillows are made of. The oh-so-soft flannels are then made into shams and the eye pillow is inserted into it. By making them this way, it is possible for the sham to be removed and carefully hand washed.  

I have several of these made and ready to list. I'm just waiting for a good day to photograph them. We've had several rain days (I'm not complaining; Southern California needed it). Between the cloudy, rainy days and the afternoons full of errands and doctor appointments (getting clearances for the surgery), I haven't made the time to get pictures.

Lotion Drop Body Cream

This is a dab of my popular body cream. I completely sold out over the holidays. I'll be making more as soon as I'm given the clearance after surgery. This thick, luscious lotion is the perfect way to nourish dry winter skin. I make it in a variety of fragrances and unscented. The unscented body cream is perfect for adding your own essential oils into before you rub it into your skin.  

I expect to be back making by mid-February, so look for new products then. Because this is a slow time for me, I may experiment with some new products. Any requests? Leave a comment below if there's something you'd like to see me try to make! 

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  • Donna Simmons on

    Wishing you the best during and after your surgery. I purchased your luscious body cream during the holidays and will be looking to purchase more as gifts as soon as you are up and ready. Hoping to hear from you, but please take the time you will need to heal.

  • Rachél Payne on

    Best of luck for surgery. I always hate the idea of surgery but feel so much better afterwards!! Your goodies are beautiful!!

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