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Hello, Shoppers! For some crazy reason, I couldn't get the shop to update consistently, so I've moved the shop over to Soap's On! (Our companion site). Please visit us there.

Welcome to The Eclectic Soul, a shop that produces and sells handmade soaps, lotions, lip balms -- and other little luxuries for the discerning spirit. 

While sometimes the term self-care can be a substitute for the words self-indulgence, I am deeply aware of the legitimate need for genuine self-care. As busy women -- whether it's raising our children, trying to excel at our jobs, or taking care of our aging parents -- we give so much to others. 

There's a popular argument that we should take care of ourselves so that we can better take care of others. You've probably heard it -- Put on your own air mask before you assist the person next to you with hers. Certainly, if you aren't in a good state (physically, emotionally, or spiritually), it's difficult to give to others.

But there's actually a far better reason to take care of yourself -- You are an amazing and special aspect of the Universe; you deserve to be taken care of. Pampered, even. Treat yourself like the royal child of the Universe that you are. (Caveat: You are special; no more and no less so than anyone else.)

Be discerning about what and whom you let into your life. Treat yourself with love and dignity. Allow yourself some little luxuries. Treat your life as a celebration, and only invite in the very best to support your growth and the meaning in your life. 

little luxuries for the discerning spirit